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False Flag Friday: Is It REALLY About the Children?

When you see an overabundance of reporting on a subject, you should take some time to figure out why – especially when it looks like you’re not getting all sides of the story. All the brouhaha being made about children being separated from parents on the border is misguided at best, malevolently manipulative at its … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday about the Manners of Emily Litella

I have fond memories of Emily Litella, one of Gilda Radner’s characters from the original class of Saturday Night Live. The lady would get on the news report giving a concerned citizen’s report on some issue that she was concerned about. She would berate parents for protesting “violins on television” (instead of violence), or complain … Continue reading

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Fake Friend Friday: Misrepresenting Yourself

I’m going to name drop, here. Beto O’Rourke actually texted me yesterday – on my personal cell phone (name dropping doesn’t work unless you know who the names are, so just know that Beto O’Rourke is the Democrat candidate running against Senator Ted Cruz here in Texas.) Makes me feel so important, to have someone … Continue reading