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Forecast Friday: Mind Reading

The University of California has succeeded in building a brain-to-tweet interface that can predict what song the bird will sing before it starts (A new game – I can name that song in…) This is seen as a precursor to being able text with our minds (really? I find it hard to believe that THAT would … Continue reading

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Forecast Friday: Improving Others for the Greater Good

Scientists in Germany are seemingly concerned that some members of their electorate are opposing their betters. These people are said to have a host of wrong-headed ideas – thoughts of nationalism, and xenophobia, among others. A study has been done by said scientists, and they have determined that they can reduce this wrong-thinking by administering … Continue reading


Forecast Friday: Unintended Consequences of the Fountain of Youth

What are the consequences of medications to prolong our “youthfulness”? Testosterone replacement. Viagra. Yeah, I know about the “see a doctor if you have an __ lasting longer than four hours – I’m talking about something more long-term, here. I’m not a KEEP THINGS THE WAY GOD INTENDED luddite. What I’m talking about is understanding … Continue reading