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Writing Wednesday: Goals and Deadlines

Weekly Goals Update: Last week, I unimpressively made both three blog posts and three comments on the blogs of others. “Schizo the Magnificent” has been sent to another market. Since I won’t be individually publishing this one (I don’t ePub individual flash fiction anymore), it will continue to be available to send to market until … Continue reading

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“Immortal” Release Weekend is Here!

This is the release weekend for “Immortal”: Riddled with a more than terminal disease, Commander Solitaire considers an extreme way to protect the Earth. There’s more than one way to be immortal. “Immortal” is a speculative flash fiction (that means it’s VERY, VERY SHORT), which borrows slightly from Richard III (see if you can spot … Continue reading

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“The Collective is All” is Now Available!

The pre-order campaign has completed, and we are now into the release weekend for: The Collective is ALL! At least that’s what Abbe’s been told, but events lead him to wonder if there might just be some intelligent life “out there.” “The Collective Is All” is a short, speculative fiction that anthropomorphizes the internal processes … Continue reading