Fractured Fragment Friday: “Business is Business” (and a coupon!)
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Fractured Fragment Friday: “Business is Business” (and a coupon!)

“Business is Business” was an attempt to tell Rumplestiltskin from a perspective that made the fairy tale a fairer tale. I always felt the miller’s daughter in the original tale was a bit too innocent to be believable. Her father lied, the King was greedy, she makes a deal with the gold-spinner, gets what she … Continue reading

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Writing Wednesday: Little Things Can Trip You Up

Last week’s goals: Made my three blog postings and my quota for comments on the blogs of others. I currently have four stories eligible for publication in traditional markets: “Rendering Memories” is a 3,000-word contest entry which is still waiting to win or lose “Schizo the Magnificent” is flash fiction, and waiting for a suitable … Continue reading