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Meandering Monday about Which Details Matter

Welcome to the first Meandering Monday of 2019! I’ve been enjoying watching some series with my significant one. She’s heavily into Father Brown, and we’ve also discovered The Doctor Blake Mysteries. Both shows have a similar premise – a man who by profession is NOT a detective goes around behind the backs of the authorities … Continue reading

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Fractured Fragment Friday: “Business is Business”

We’re still in the holidays, and so to stay topical, I’ll tell you that the next story mentions Christmas in it (conveniently, because I’m really just picking it because it’s the earlies ePublication that I haven’t done a fractured Friday for.) It’s also a fairy tale adaptation, which also seems appropriate for the Holidays. Here’s … Continue reading


Meandering Monday about Media Sensitivity Training

Wednesday night, within a few miles of where I live, David Sherrard, a Richardson Police officer, was fatally shot while responding to a disturbance in an apartment complex (if you believe in prayer, please pray for him, his family, and his fellow officers.) As the standoff continued between the shooter – barricaded in an apartment … Continue reading