Meandering Monday about Standards and Excessive Expletives

We just finished watching season three of Netflix’s Stranger Things. I really enjoy the show, especially because of the nostalgia of seeing/hearing the seventies (you see, I REMEMBER those times, and even though I didn’t experience EVERYTHING that they depict, most of it – the TV shows, the music, Dungeons & Dragons – are still … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday about Diverse Sensitivity (or Diversensitivity, Diversensity, Disservicity, and other Sensitivity Diversions)

As a writer, I am cautioned not to talk politics – I will alienate potential readers of my fiction. As any of you who have stumbled across my blogging have noticed, staying non-political has been very hard for me. Aside from my interest in politics, EVERYTHING is political nowadays, and it affects me – not … Continue reading