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Sum-it-up Sunday: Investigation, Innuendo, Illegalities, Impeachment, Insensitivity, Intolerance…

(“I” is an easy letter – there’s “IN” just about everything…) Close to a year of multiple Trump/Russia collusion investigations have yielded NO EVIDENCE, JUST INNUENDO. Why do we have a Special Counsel? It’s because a disgruntled former FBI Director (a man whom both sides have thought should have been fired) retaliated by LEAKING his … Continue reading

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Sum-it-up Sunday: Fascists, Fake News, Football

It happened during the campaign – Democrat operatives sent to attack Trump supporters. Since the election we’ve had funded riots, more attacks on U.S. citizens, uncivil marches, paid instigators, and attempts at intimidation that go all the way up to the complicit fake news media. Reminds me of the Brownshirts in the run-up to Hitler’s … Continue reading

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Forecast Friday: Censorship in 2084

Anyone who has read George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four should have been troubled by the ability of the Ministry of Truth to take in all forms of documentation (newspapers, books, movies, music, etc.) and remake them to fit whatever the new narrative needed. (Being troubled by this probably didn’t extend to aspiring dictators and other politicians, … Continue reading