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Writing Wednesday: Winding Up Swordsmaster

Weekly Goals: I made both three blog posts and three comments on the blogs of others. Last week I worked some on Swordsmaster revisions all seven days, and logged 2,984 words of fiction. At week’s end, I was 95% finished with this FINAL revision of Swordsmaster, which is sitting at 100,331-words. “Schizo the Magnificent” is still … Continue reading


Fractured Fragment Friday: “Ultimate Awareness” (and a coupon!)

I was wondering how Super Villains acquired their henchmen, and imagined the interview process with someone who didn’t seem to quite fit the villain mold. “Ultimate Awareness” coupled that idea with the “Why?” of a particular villain. Here’s the blurb: Omnius has relied on his Ultimate Awareness to dominate the city as well as any … Continue reading