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Sum-it-up Sunday: Investigation, Innuendo, Illegalities, Impeachment, Insensitivity, Intolerance…

(“I” is an easy letter – there’s “IN” just about everything…) Close to a year of multiple Trump/Russia collusion investigations have yielded NO EVIDENCE, JUST INNUENDO. Why do we have a Special Counsel? It’s because a disgruntled former FBI Director (a man whom both sides have thought should have been fired) retaliated by LEAKING his … Continue reading

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Sum-it-up Sunday: Insulated, Intent, Individuality

FBI Director James Comey laid out the case that Hillary had broken a law about the proper handling of National Security information, and that her private email account was most likely hacked by our enemies. Then he said that “no reasonable prosecutor” would indict her because even though she exhibited gross negligence in the handling … Continue reading