Meandering Monday about Whether Angry, Hurt Martians Will Sue Me

Meandering Monday about Whether Angry, Hurt Martians Will Sue Me

Next month, William Mangieri will finally make it to Mars! I can hear you all gasping out there now: “Poor Bill! He’s finally lost it.” “What’s he talking about?” “Someone follow him and make sure he doesn’t climb to the top of a tall building!” “Climb? Don’t you know he’s acrophobic? Just keep him off … Continue reading

Meandering / Space

Meandering Monday about Aliens R Us (and still giving FREE eBooks)

Have aliens visited earth? (no, this isn’t a comment on the alternate realities of this election year)(but that just was, wasn’t it?) I’ve been hearing that a large percentage of people believe we’ve been visited by some variant of little green men, or greys, or whatever color or form they came in. Of course, if … Continue reading

Meandering / Technology

Meandering Monday about a Different Kind of Remoteness

It is amazing how different technology makes things. Imagine that you lived when travelling from Europe to the NEW WORLD meant leaving everything and everyone you had known behind. After months of travel you arrive and begin taming your relatively unknown new home. And yet, we believe that people / neighbors / families were closer … Continue reading