Writing Wednesday: Character Interviews Help Fill Gaps

Goals from last week: Still on schedule with three blog posts, and back-to-market rotations on returned stories. Only 518 words of fiction – the usual productivity shutdown that occurs with the holidays (coupled with the tedious nature of revising Swordsmaster) resulted in a very disappointing week of writing, despite putting time in on five separate … Continue reading

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Writing Wednesday: Shut Out Your INFERNAL Editor and Enjoy Some Surprises

Goals update from last week:  Three blog posts, 10-day turnaround to markets still on track, and ePublications on schedule (the last of this year – “Sleep with the Snowmen” – will release a little early to allow time until Christmas.) Last week I wrote 3229 words of fiction. This was mostly Swordsmaster revision and character … Continue reading


Writing Wednesday: Rethinking and Remembering Why

Goals, goals, goals… No new stories finished last week; still waiting for “Date Night” to solidify in my mind. Ten-day turn-around on submissions is good. Indie publishing something every four weeks is on track; “Imperial Purrogative” is on preorder for the November 17th release, and I might actually have “Sleep with the Snowmen” prepped and … Continue reading