Meandering Monday about A Narrative-Driven Lack of Reality

Meandering Monday about A Narrative-Driven Lack of Reality

Narratives are so frustratingly unhelpful. Covid has been a terrible ordeal, released on the world by scientific incompetence (or worse), and has resulted in millions of unnecessary and unfortunate deaths. But I believe we are coming out of that long dark tunnel into a brighter tomorrow where a combination of natural & herd immunity, vaccines … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday about The Uncivil Hazards of Social Media

Technology has brought us many gifts, one of biggest ones has been the internet. Whether you’re trying to find, buy or sell product, or learn something new, seeking information, news, or like-minded people, it’s all out there. You can talk with anyone in the world at any given moment (barring, of course, those who have … Continue reading

Meandering Monday about Russian Static
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Meandering Monday about Russian Static

They’re back! In case you don’t remember (or only got the Dem-MSM spin), we’ve just had a couple of years of collusion investigation (on Trump, not on the real colluders) that wound up unable to find any evidence. In the course of that investigation, there were gratuitous assertions that Russia wanted to help Trump, but … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday about Seeking Truth Instead of Accepting Things from Thugs

I’m a pretty level individual. That is different from balanced, as many people who know me will tell you. I don’t generally allow my emotions to run amok, although I will let my thoughts go on flights of fancy and sometimes lose track of reality. Like that time when I was heavily into Dungeons & Dragons … Continue reading