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Sum-it-up Sunday: Gorillas and Gender

I am only trying to present what to me are common sense thoughts – I never mean for “Sum-it-up Sunday” to offend. It is intended to provoke a reaction that is far more dangerous to some: THINKING. If you find yourself offended, the best thing you can do for yourself is learn to deal with it rationally.


A three year old child manages to make his way into a zoo’s gorilla enclosure, is dragged around by the resident 17-year-old silverback, and the gorilla is shot to death by zoo personnel. People are in an uproar over this (since we have nothing more important going on.) Now, I can understand the argument that the parents should have done a better job watching – but how many of us haven’t ever had our children get away from us? And the child shouldn’t have been able to get into the enclosure, so I can understand anyone who wants to criticize the zoo for not making that impossible (I suspect they were more concerned with making sure the animals stayed in, not quite so much about keeping people out.)
What I can’t abide are the people who are angry with the zoo personnel for making the decision to kill the gorilla. A human life – especially that of a helpless child – has more importance than ANY animal. Consider that the people at the zoo had more knowledge about what silverbacks could do – and insider knowledge about this SPECIFIC ape – than ANYONE on the outside throwing around their MONDAY MORNING EXPERTISE. We will never KNOW whether there was another way to keep both the child AND the silverback alive, but if the zoo erred, they erred in the right direction.


I watched a television program that presented the situations of transgender kids in what I’m sure was intended to be a positive light. In the report, which involved three children who decided they were transgendered (two of them were under 10 years old), there were a couple of pieces of information that I found astonishing. The first was that approximately 1 in 30,000 men and 1 in 100,000 women will seek treatment for gender dysphoria. That means we are turning our restrooms (and our entire society) upside down for at most 00.0034% of the population. At those odds, what are the chances that any woman will find herself in a restroom or a locker room or a shower with a man? And yet many are.
There was another fact stated by an expert that was extremely disturbing. He stated that MOST children who have gender dysphoria issues WILL GROW OUT OF IT. But will they be likely to grow out of it if they are given opposite gender hormones – to prevent them from experiencing the puberty they were naturally born to have? One of these children was SIX YEARS OLD. Just playing the odds, if as stated MOST children will outgrow this, how could ANY RESPONSIBLE PARENT do this to their child? (And I heard a report on the radio today of a woman who claims her 18-MONTH OLD CHILD is transgender.)
We seem to have an epidemic of parents with no sense. There is no scientific means to determine whether a child is truly in need of gender reassignment; simple math and logic says doing this to your child is most likely THE WRONG THING TO DO – yet it is far too often the case that some parents still proceed.
It is sad that POLITICAL CORRECTNESS DEMANDS that, for the sake of the FEW (and sometimes, even the ONE), we are expected to risk the MANY.

Just saying…


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