Fractured Fragment Friday: “Close Enough” (and a coupon!)

Fractured Fragment Friday: “Close Enough” (and a coupon!)

“Close Enough” came from the expression “close enough for government work.” What would that look like over galactic or planetary distances? How badly could a non-responsive agency botch things? And what kind of NORMAL people might put themselves in a position to depend on that agency? Here’s the blurb: Could a Messier object be any … Continue reading


Writing Wednesday: Adding Color (and Touch, and Taste, and…)

Last week’s progress: Three blog posts as per usual. I Just discovered an email I had overlooked; “Truth in Advertising” was actually rejected back in November, so I’ve lost three months of shopping it around because I thought it was still under consideration. My commenting on others’ blogs continues to be adequate. My March 1st … Continue reading