Fractured Fragment Friday: “Close Enough” (and a coupon!)

Fractured Fragment Friday: “Close Enough” (and a coupon!)

“Close Enough” came from the expression “close enough for government work.” What would that look like over galactic or planetary distances? How badly could a non-responsive agency botch things? And what kind of NORMAL people might put themselves in a position to depend on that agency? Here’s the blurb: Could a Messier object be any … Continue reading


Writing Wednesday: Adding Color (and Touch, and Taste, and…)

Last week’s progress: Three blog posts as per usual. I Just discovered an email I had overlooked; “Truth in Advertising” was actually rejected back in November, so I’ve lost three months of shopping it around because I thought it was still under consideration. My commenting on others’ blogs continues to be adequate. My March 1st … Continue reading

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Fractured Fragment Friday: “Inheritance”

Welcome to the first Fractured Fragment Friday of 2019! Sometimes when we’re looking forward to the new year, we also look back to the past. The excerpt for this week finds a young man who looks into his family’s past and finds something he wasn’t expecting. Here’s the blurb for “Inheritance”: When Amun discovers that … Continue reading