Fractured Fragment Friday: “Stalking Rebecca” (and a Coupon!)

“Stalking Rebecca” grew from another voice in my head that declared “Stalking is hard work” (this story actually got me some odd responses when I was shopping it around to various markets, including an admonition that I was advocating a behavior that didn’t comport with their mission statement. Come on folks – vampires are not … Continue reading


Fractured Fragment Friday: “Victimless” (and a Coupon!)

“Victimless” came from annoyance with the number of television programs I’d seen recently that try to paint convicted criminals who happen to have children as pitiful victims themselves. The push seems to be to stop punishing parents who are criminals because their innocent children will suffer (almost feels like an opportunity for these parents to … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday about Seeking Truth Instead of Accepting Things from Thugs

I’m a pretty level individual. That is different from balanced, as many people who know me will tell you. I don’t generally allow my emotions to run amok, although I will let my thoughts go on flights of fancy and sometimes lose track of reality. Like that time when I was heavily into Dungeons & Dragons … Continue reading