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Meandering Monday about Each of Us Getting Our Own House In Order

Georgia reopened last week, to much wailing and gnashing of teeth by those who think they know better how it should be handled in other states (Picture people crowded on NY subway cars telling people to stay off those dangerous Georgia beaches. Insisting that relatively healthy people across the entire country not be allowed to … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday about Tunnel Vision Solutions

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have one objective – how to keep people from dying from the virus. This is their goal, and they don’t concern themselves with side-effects (like many medications, the cure carries consequences.) They are not the experts on the consequences of leaving the economy shut down, nor should they be. Specialists… … Continue reading


Meandering Monday about My Karaoke Junkie Status

William Mangieri is a blogger, karaoke junkie, former theater student, and recovered wargamer, who spends a lot of time wondering ‘what if…’ That’s the start of the sketchy biographical blurb that I insert in various spots related to my writing (author “about” pages, market submissions, book jackets, etc.) It has changed little since I first … Continue reading