Fractured Fragment Friday: “Anti-Social” (and coupons!)

Fractured Fragment Friday: “Anti-Social” (and coupons!)

“Anti-Social” came from thinking about how we are losing personal contact as the internet and social media evolve. We’re also creating ridiculous quantities of data. What if in the future all data is transitory – statisticians determined that there will always a copy of anything somewhere (a PC, a server, a phone), so permanent storage … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday about Dreaming of Greener Grass

Quarantine. I wonder how many writers nowadays find their stories set in prison, or during some great cataclysm that makes people hole up in their basements? Do you? (If you’re just consuming content instead, try to stay away from networks that have decided now is the time to show plague marathons, or shows like A … Continue reading

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Meandering Monday about Wheat and Chaff

We just celebrated Easter Sunday – a pivotal day for Christians. The more I think about it, it’s amazing how Christianity spread across the world. Consider the communication methods of the time – no printing presses, radio, television, major media, or internet to disseminate the information, and yet it spread across the world. There are … Continue reading