Meandering Monday about Being as Lucky as I Want to Be

I’m a lucky man. No, not like the Emerson, Lake & Palmer song Lucky Man which is about the old saw that the grass is always greener on the other side (you walk over to your neighbor’s perfect-looking lawn and now you can see all his weeds, so he isn’t so good, is he? A very envy-filled expression. Why is it we don’t use this to illustrate that OUR own imperfections aren’t anywhere near as visible to others, so we should just do the best we can and stop thinking how bad WE look?)

Anyway, I’m not talking about green-eyed envy. I’m talking about real luck.

No – I don’t have everything I want – not hardly – but why would that be lucky? Human beings NEED to have something to strive for. What do you give to the man who has everything? Take it all away so he can start over, like in 1997’s The Game. I don’t have it all, and I don’t want it all – I just want enough more to keep life interesting.

I tend to live my life through SERENDIPITY. Aside from some rare personal set-backs, things tend to work out for me, and even if something does go wonky, I usually discover that if I wait it out, it will right itself. Even the mistakes I make tend to flip around to improve my position and make me look like a genius (yes, that’s right – the “Muse” doesn’t just push the pen around in my stories – she writes a lot of my life, too. It’s a conspiracy, but a good one…)

I bet you’d all like to be like Bill (remember about that grass is always greener thing?) – but most of you can’t, so don’t. Those of you with storm clouds overhead, and even those with normal luck count on your ability to react, compensate, and work your way through it. That’s something I’ve never really learned to do, so on those rare occasions when Lady Luck decides to abandon me and leave me to fend for myself, I tend to flounder, look around at everyone around me and wonder “who’s the lucky one now?”

Strive for more, but learn to appreciate what you have. Just saying…


BaastardsRevengeCoverThe release weekend has ended for “Baastards’ Revenge” – the fourth story of my Herc Tom series:

Champion of the Empire Hercules. Tom thinks this is a mere diplomatic mission to Baast; little does he know what the Baastards have in store for him. But don’t worry – this cat has proven time and again that he has more than the usual nine lives.

“Bastaards’ Revenge” is available at the usual places online, including, but not limited to:




CatsOfWar_I_CoverAnd with the release weekend of “Baastards’ Revenge”, being over, this is the last day to use a Smashwords coupon (that’s just 99-cents!) to read the first three Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire stories, all conveniently collected in Cats of War I:

“Purr Mission” – Major Tom’s dander is up. His cub is dying of the Morient Virus, and he knows their sworn enemies are responsible (the Baastards!), but bureaucats order him not to go to their planet to recover the antidote. Well, it’s easier to beg forgiveness than to ask Purr-mission.

“Nipped in the Butt” – More intrigue as a familiar hallucinogen finds its way into Ramses society. Are their long-time adversaries behind it? Time for Major Tom to save the Empire again…

“Cat and Mouse” – Major Tom has plans for his leave time: this cat is finally going to get some much needed R&R with his mates. But recent additions to the household (including his Admiral father-in-law and an uppity mouse chef), as well as an unexpected visit from yet another enemy puts his whiskers in a twist.

Here’s the link on Smashwords:

Remember to use coupon code WF25Z


VictimlessCoverWilliam Mangieri’s writing, including his previous publication “Victimless”, can be found in many places, including:
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