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Meandering Monday about Which Poison to Pick

My superpower is luck – more properly SERENDIPITY. Even when bad things happen to me, the silver lining becomes apparent. I like to tell myself that I usually land on my feet in a better position – it’s not always that way, but when do you see a cat act like that fall he just took WASN’T what he intended.

One of my pet peeves is unexpected change – well, more like unexpectedly changed plans (plans are those things that you think you are going to do, before LIFE interrupts them…)  I like to go to bed knowing what I’m going to be doing the next day. I am not the Lord of Chaos, and when he shows up and throws a wrench in the works, I get unsettled (yes, I know CHAOS is supposed to be that way, but that doesn’t make me any less irritated when it happens.)

You would think a serendipitous person would be fine with chaos – I should be able to just sit back and let it all happen, then pick myself up, dust myself off, and enjoy my new, improved position. But that’s no how I’m built. I have a certain level of anxiety, tied to the notion that one day, an accountant will come to the door and say:

“Sir, our accountants have been doing an audit, and we’ve discovered that you have been receiving GOOD FORTUNE entirely beyond your fair share, and so to keep things in the proper balance, here’s your SIXTY-THREE YEARS OF BAD LUCK. Sign here please.”

(This is much what happened when the calorie police finally showed up a few years back and told me there had been an error in the awarding of pounds based on what I had eaten, and here was that weight I had been cheated out of. Have a nice day.)

I have a difficult time trying to be consistent at things. It’s why I can’t really juggle – I can keep three balls in the air for a while (sometimes), but my hands and arms have to go into wilder contortions to keep things going. The balls would be easier to catch if they were thrown the same way each time, but I never have been able to get the hang of that part.

Consistency escapes me. Someone once told me that consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds; if so, I would prefer my mind be small sometimes if that was the case, just to know things would be settled and the same, instead of perpetually up in the air.

We are four days into 2021, and it may be dawning on some of you that nothing has really changed from last week – the uncertain nature of 2020 is not going to disappear just because we replaced a zero with a one. Change takes time – at least it does when you want it.

This week is when things should finally be settled on the Presidential front.

I know that many of you who are only looking at MSM headlines and taking Twitter Fact Checkers to heart think it already has been decided, but Congress is supposed to certify the electoral votes on January 6th, and it may not go the way you are being told to expect.

It is hard for me to believe that as much malfeasance, criminality, and violations of the Constitution that has been exposed, that there is not some mechanism that would #StopTheSteal, but again, as John Adams said, our form of government was created for a moral people. If those in position to correct things refuse to honor their oaths, we have a serious problem. If courts keep refusing to even look at te evidence, saying that no matter what cheating has occurred, NO ONE HAS STANDING (Come on, man – the whole country has standing), where do we go for relief?

From my view, we will either see an obviously fraudulent and stolen election corrected by the mechanisms that our Constitution and laws have in place for this, or people in position to defend the integrity of our elections will capitulate and let Joe Biden occupy the White House on January 20th, despite the injustice of it, and all the criminality that brought this about will be quietly forgotten (well, at least we’ll be TOLD to forget about it. Nothing to see here – move along… There’s seventy-five million or so of us who have other ideas.)

Of course, if instead President Trump IS inaugurated for his rightful second term, we will be gifted with more leftist rioting, burning and looting, and another four years of being told that Trump stole the election – this by the same people who couldn’t accept the 2016 results, either, and so had to cheat even bigger in 2020. Maybe there’s a consistency to that state that I can learn to live with.

Either way, we are in for another few years of chaos. Pick your poison.

Just saying…

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