Writing Wednesday: An Imposter Rethinks His Writing Gig

Last Week’s Goals

My blog entries were posted on schedule, and all available stories remain out to market.

Other than my usual Indies Unlimited’s Thrifty Thursdays & Kindle Unlimited Fridays (they are not consistently updating their posts – Thursdays are a new one each week, while Kindle Unlimited Fridays is supposed to be a post for each month. They just created the May post a couple of days ago.) I keep thinking (or hoping) that after each “flurry” of marketing I do, the momentum of downloads of free stuff (or – gasp! – SALES) will reach some sort of critical mass, and continue on its own like some scifi perpetual motion machine. No such luck there (at least not yet, or just not for me); marketing appears to be something that must happen continuously.

So – if you have Kindle Unlimited, Swordsmaster is still FREE for you to read. You can check it out here:Swordsmaster4


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I completed listening to Dawn of Wonder. The book (and the audio performance by Tim Gerard Reynolds) were captivating from start to finish. I didn’t expect the story to basically only involve the POV character’s life from age 12 to maybe 15(?), but by the time I realized that was all I was going to get, it didn’t matter. Jonathan Renshaw did a superb job of pacing to keep my interest, working in lots of detail without letting it slow the narrative. Or maybe I liked Aedan so much that I cared too much what was about to happen to him to become bored. Definitely a book (and probably a series) worth reading and learning from.

Last week counted for 3,570 words of fiction (just barely over my weekly quota). I wrote some on all seven days, missing my daily 500-word quota twice. I completed the second revision of “Hacked Off” (Detective Jimmy Delaney #7, which is now over 24,800 words), the first revision of “Breathtaking” (now reduced to just under 1,500 words), and a brief 500 word start to Detective Jimmy Delaney #8. 

What Kind of an Imposter are We Talking About, Here?

This writing business is an odd one. I’ve read advice ever since I’ve been in it that you must toughen up, and view every rejected manuscript as an accomplishment (as though the mere act of PARTICIPATING in the rejection process has some value.) This is based on the notion that you WILL have more submissions rejected than not, and so you must persevere and continue submitting your work, while knowing (in your heart of hearts) that you will eventually succeed.

It is a hard row to hoe, keeping a positive attitude as one rejection after another comes in, or when looking at disappointing sales figures, or a lack of reviews (yes, there are ALL SORTS of kinds of rejections.)

I’ve been seeing a lot of references lately from writers about Imposter Syndrome. This, according to Wikipedia, is:

“a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. Despite external evidence of their competence, those experiencing this phenomenon remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve all they have achieved.”

I started out intending to write this post about how I’m having my doubts about my ability to succeed at this writing gig, and that I might be experiencing Imposter Syndrome. But those last couple of words about not deserving “everything they have achieved” doesn’t seem appropriate when I haven’t really achieved anything yet. It sounds like Imposter Syndrome is more linked to people who are successful but doubt themselves anyway, and for me to attempt to claim the syndrome makes me more like – well – AN IMPOSTER.

(Gosh… This is like a crazy person judging their own sanity, or a snake eating its tail. Pretty sad, huh?)

So, since I can’t rest on my lack of laurels, I’ll need to continue plugging away so that I can eventually have something to call an accomplishment that I can then be proud to declare that I don’t deserve.

I really love this writing gig. Just saying…

Current Book Promotions

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Reaching Out

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