Meandering Monday about Gender Language in the Animal King/Queendom

It’s hard to navigate the current clouding of gender language. There are places where you can get in legal trouble for addressing someone with the wrong pronoun. It would be simpler if the thought police just outlawed pronouns altogether, wouldn’t it? But then there’d probably be people who’d label REFUSING to use any pronouns as a form of micro-aggression, so that won’t work either.


MANkind is an insult. Is WOMAN? (Does that word really mean WOmb-MAN? How sexist!) Has the 2021 Congress has eliminated words like mother and father? The AMA wants to remove the male/female designation from birth certificates. I’m so confused.

The mess this makes in knowledge communication. A transgender man went into an emergency room complaining of stomach pain, and because of language rules, they didn’t realize that HE was pregnant until it was too late. How do you describe reproduction without offending the easily offended? How long will it take a same sex couple to realize that all their efforts will not create a child? How many years? How much money and heartache?

It’s been a long time since I studied any languages (French, about fifty years ago), but I remember that lots of languages have very gender specific words that we English speakers wouldn’t have thought of. I’m already seeing this strange new word LatinX bandied about, replacing LatinA or LatinO. How deeply have the WOKE MOB gotten into gender specific languages? How many words need to be X-ed out?

Should we be allowed to distinguish between cows and bulls? Who are we to tell a bull they’re a bull? I still hear people talking about cows and bulls, as though our bovine acquaintances don’t have a right to decide on their own gender identities. We’re told that homosexuality is normal in the animal world – who knows how many different LGBT… letters they would choose from for themselves. You’d think that the ANIMAL RIGHTS people would be on top of putting a stop to their oppression. Or are the bovines being punished by the CLIMATE CHANGE crowd because of how their flatulence is destroying the planet?

It’s hard to stay on the right (I mean left) side of all these issues. Someone’s flatulence is destroying the planet, but not the kind of flatulence they’re spouting.

Just saying…

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