Meandering Monday and Leaping To…

It feels like 2016 is going to be a long year. Why do I feel this way, like it’s going to take longer for next month to get here than it usually does? The last time I felt this way about a year was 2012; maybe those two years have something in common?

Oh, yeah – it’s a leap year. This year there are twenty-nine days in a month that is abnormally shorter than the others, and it’s still shorter. If you pay too much attention to this 30-days hath September, April, June and November… stuff, it makes things seem all disjointed, like a table with one short leg.

Months seem a strange thing to me. You look at a calendar and the months are fighting our need to have them ordered in weeks. We talk about them all like they have only four weeks, but on the page we have to give each one five lines to keep the weeks separated and in order.

And then we have a month that rebels every once in a while, like July this year, WHICH ACTUALLY NEEDS SIX LINES to hold less than four and a half weeks. We rail at the inefficiency and sloppiness of it, and cram the 31st into sharing a box with the 24th. It’s a wonder that some of us don’t wind up in a Groundhog Day loop by following the calendar back to the previous week.

(this all sounds very familiar, like maybe we have done this loop before…)

Everyone – right now, mark your calendars so we all get through July this year. It would be terrible if some of us had trouble getting to August, but if you don’t make it out of July, and things seem to be repeating, at least you’ll know why (you can thank me later.)

OMG – October is going to be the same way! Everyone mark your calendar NOW: do NOT slip back into October 23rd when you’re supposed to be moving forward to the 30th. This calendar thing is becoming a mine field of temporal maelstroms, threatening to suck us all into infinite loops of time. I don’t see how we’re going to escape this year!

Wait a minute – it looks like January was the same sort of thing. Does anyone remember going back to January 24th and repeating that week? It looks like we’re all still here, so maybe not. Maybe I’m worrying about it too much, but just to play it safe, look around when you get to July 24th and make sure you don’t see anyone who looks a bit strained, like they’re having too much deja vu. If you find anyone who’s lost, be a friend; hold their hand and help guide them out of that week. It’s the least we can do for each other.

One thing we can say about February – it never needs more than five lines, so we won’t get in one of those loops while we’re trying to get on with our MARCH. Even in an overly long year like this, we can at least count on time MARCHing on. Eventually.

Just saying…


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