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Sum-it-up Sunday: Lies, Lawlessness, and Legacy

Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte and friends do some wild partying, tells some lies, and get in trouble with Brazilian authorities. They’re forced to recant the lies, and will probably lose millions in potential endorsements.

They should have followed Hillary’s lead; she doubles down on her lies and still rakes in millions – and they may just take her all the way to the White House.


The Milwaukee riots tell you everything you need to know about Black Lives Matter; an armed suspect is shot by a black policeman in a Democrat controlled city, and they scream racism try to burn the place down. Not that much different from the movement’s birth in Ferguson – all based on lies about an innocent, harmless perp – and an excuse for lawlessness.


The Obama administration admits that the $400,000,000 they flew to Iran WAS contingent on the release of hostages, but they claim it wasn’t a ransom because it was already Iran’s money. Many people believe that this means every criminal state and terrorist organization will see this as a sign that the United States now pays cash (and lots of it) for hostages, and they are rightfully concerned that Americans abroad (and in this country, for that matter) are now a more inviting target.

Perhaps I can alay some of that concern. You see, the only reason this was done was because Obama HAD to have this Iran deal, as horrible as it is, for his legacy. And he was also getting flak from home about why we made the nuclear deal without first demanding the release of the hostages. He didn’t care about these people – but if they stayed in Iran, it would reflect badly on HIM.

So unless you kidnap someone who will directly impact Obama’s press clippings (which is a hard thing to do with our media being the lapdogs that they are), he won’t be paying any more ransom anytime soon. In fact, if he did it now, it would make him look bad, so don’t bother holding anyone else – there’ll be no money in it.

It’s all about HIM and HIS legacy.

Just saying…


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