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Meandering Monday about Muddled Meandering

I’m sick. I had a rather poor showing in the writing department last week; I’ll go into the details Wednesday, but I had hoped to make up words toward my quota. Instead, I came down with the crud that’s been going around the office, so even though I COULD have chosen to write from my sick bed, well, it just ain’t happening.

I’m not much of a drinker, and I’ve never been one to get high, so it may seem that I don’t have the expertise to speak on this, but there’s more than one way to alter your mind, and the little vermin creeping through mine right now are doing a good job of altering my reality. I could try splashing some fiction across the page, but I’m sure that when my head clears I wouldn’t be able to make heads or tails of it, no matter how brilliant it seemed while I was addled.

I read a question on another blog where someone was asking about the advisability of writing while high. I don’t understand artists who claim that it frees their minds to go places that their internal editors would fear to let them tread. Sure, it might release some inhibitions, but it also removes any logical sense from the product. It’s like drunken karaoke (where people who are afraid to sing get drunk first.) When you stagger up to the mic, you think what you’re doing is amazing. It’s not until you see yourself on YouTube that you know the truth.

So I didn’t write this weekend, and I won’t be writing until my brain gets back to normal (although I do admit that there were some interesting distortions of reality that occurred over the last couple of days that may be worth revisiting once I’ve recovered enough sanity to try to make sense of them.)

Just saying…


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