Meandering Monday about What I Miss

We all get used to how things are NOW, and sometimes forget that they weren’t always this way (much as Global Warming fanatics think we must prevent current temperatures from rising, even though it was much warmer in the Middle Ages (that was a while before SUV’s, so go figure).)

I’m sure many of you young’uns aren’t eager to hear this old codger as he meanders down memory lane, but here are some of the things I remember and miss (and some I don’t miss.)

I Miss Roll-over Odometers:  Before everything went digital, I could watch the odometer in your car roll-over slowly as the significant milestone (let’s say from 99,999.9 to 100,000.0 miles) was reached. I actually found it exciting to watch all those 9’s gradually rotate and give way to the 0’s. Now it’s instantaneous; the digits don’t roll into the future state, we’re just suddenly there, as though the past, present, and future are unconnected.

I Don’t Miss Analog Clocks: It’s easier to look at a digital clock and do the math.

I Miss Black & White Television: I’m not old enough to have been steeped in radio drama, but I do remember when I didn’t have access to color television. There was an artistry to creating film in black and white (watch TCM and you can see it) – you couldn’t just remove the color, you had to compensate with what shades of black, white, and grey you were using. Black & White took you more firmly out of reality and made you use your imagination more (I could tell you what colors The Flintstones were wearing even if it wasn’t there.)

I Don’t Miss Vinyl Records: I grew up with them, and even though I have a fondness for the crackling sound of an LP on a phonograph, I don’t miss it as much as I enjoy the portability, convenience, accessibility and minimal storage of the new media – whether it’s CD’s, Audio Files, or Streaming. I believe that, if the analog sound was THAT superior, it could be built into the digital version.

I Miss Albums: Not specifically on vinyl, but the concept of a series of songs being put together by the artist in a particular order, creating a perfect pacing, seems to have gone out the window in favor of everyone deciding what order they want to hear their individual playlists in. I feel the same way about how we watch movies now – in pieces, rather than as a unified, deliberately constructed and paced whole.

We want to be so in control of the flow of our lives, we don’t often just allow ourselves to BE TAKEN SOMEWHERE and experience something TOGETHER despite our own preferences. And we don’t cope well when we don’t have things exactly the way we want it, because we don’t remember that’s the way LIFE really is.

I can be nostalgic about all this “loss” (which includes the skills to do things the old-fashioned way)  – as long as civilization doesn’t collapse and we don’t need to develop those skills all over again, I think we’ll be okay.

Just saying…


Still undecided on what the June 30th ePub will be. Get it in gear, Bill…


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