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Writing Wednesday: Writing Around the Block

Last week’s goals: The usual 3 blog posts. Stories cycled to market as soon as markets were available. I fell short on my commenting (how hard can it be to leave THREE comments in a week? Apparently too hard for me… 😉)

“Breathing is Overrated” is all prepped for its October 26th release (it’s available on preorder now.)

Another week of making JUST OVER my 3,000-words-of-fiction quota (3030 AGAIN); This was quite an accomplishment considering I only wrote on three days, (but I look at it as a failure because I ONLY wrote three days.) Herc Tom #7 is now over 10,000 words (usually I have a title by now.)


I found myself stuck in the middle on Herc Tom #7; each time I tried to move on to what I thought the next scene should be, I stalled. That INFERNAL internal editor rears it’s head sometimes during the rough draft when it shouldn’t even show its face, but it’s an attention hog that doesn’t like to be ignored.

I don’t normally get stuck in the middle of a story. Of course, most of the fiction I’ve written is less than five thousand words – there isn’t a lot of MIDDLE in there to get stuck on. But this time around, INFERNAL just wouldn’t let me get past, throwing in its reflexive “That sounds stupid”, and “Really? That’s where you’re going with this?”, and he put up enough of a fuss and a block that I couldn’t continue the story where it was.

So I had to give up trying to force that part, instead going to the final section and writing the main end scene (everything but the final ending wrap-up.) That got INFERNAL off his game, and the writing flowed again. Now all I need to finish the rough draft is to restart in that middle section, write the couple of incidents I need to bridge the gap, and then the wrap-up. Herc Tom #7 should wind up around fourteen or fifteen thousand words.

INFERNAL isn’t happy, and I’m sure I’ll hear about it once I let him do his part, but sometimes you have to ignore the noise and the naysayers (those in your head AND outside) and write. There’s an expression: “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Well, I’m not going to ask for INFERNAL forgiveness for writing what I did, and as for permission? INFERNAL is not the boss of me (at least not today.) Just saying…



My next ePublication is “Breathing is Overrated”, one of my three Writers of the Future Honorable Mentions. Here’s the blurb:

Left to die in the abyss of space, Jansen finds something to live for – or it finds him. “Breathing is Overrated” is a speculative fiction short story with a touch of light horror…

“Breathing is Overrated” is available for preorder at several online retailers, including, but not limited to:



(Did I mention that this one earned an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest? Just saying…)


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