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Meandering Monday about the Silencing of Dissent

As John Adams said, our form of government was made for a moral people. If you are willing to lie under oath, what can be done about it?

People throughout our country are sworn to uphold our Constitution, to protect the country from enemies both foreign and domestic. They swear their oaths, and all seems well and good – until something happens and they need to do something about it.

This election has so much chicanery in it that at least half the country (I’ve seen as high as 67%) believes that the election has been stolen (of course, it’s not over yet – my hope is that we will be saying instead that it was attempted instead.) There are anomalies in the data, mathematical improbabilities, sworn affidavits, videos showing malfeasance, to the point that the results should at least be IN QUESTION, instead of the rush to coronate Joe Biden (who is STILL not the President Elect, although Twitter doesn’t seem to care to label those claims with THIS CLAIM OF JOE BIDEN BEING THE PRESIDENT ELECT IS DISPUTED tags.) But we no longer have journalists in the main outlets willing to ask questions.

And if you do try to ask questions, you are hushed, or banned, or attacked in the streets by masked fascists of ANTIFA & BLM.

The amount of flak you take means you must be over the target. Those of us who believe in debate have certainly been taking a lot of flak lately.

One of the bright points of President Trump’s first campaign and his victory was the pushback against the censorship of Political Correctness. We may have problems in this country, but you cannot solve them if you’re not allowed to discuss them honestly.

The war against PC must have been working too well. The LEFT has gone from from verbally disparaging and shaming, to shouting down dissenting voices, to harassing in restaurants, burning businesses, and physically assaulting those who don’t kiss their rings and virtue signal loudly enough. Now we even have dissenting opinions blacked out by the alleged NEWS media and Social Platforms.

They might as well lock all our lips closed. This was done to Saint Raymond Nonnatus– he turned himself over to ransom prisoners in Algiers, but then ministered to the other prisoners and the guards and officials, and converted several. To shut him up, the bored a hole through his lips and kept a padlock on them. Our LEFT may not go that far, but they’re awfully close now.

The degree to which they try to silence you says something about the strength of your ideas. If we are not even allowed to give voice to a dissenting thought, is this still the land of the free?

Just saying…

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