Meandering Monday about Why I Don’t Trust a Media Obsessed with Building a Narrative

On the news recently, I heard another dutiful news anchor reference to the “deadly January 6th riots”. 

I’m a fiction writer. I make up stories and build narratives for entertainment. People in my profession sometimes put disclaimers on our works (sort of a modified version of fact-checking) if they are getting too close to reality, because we don’t wish to confuse people into thinking our narrative is real. It’s a shame that our “journalists” don’t see the need to police themselves that way. I suppose it would be counterproductive to their narrative.

I’m tired of hearing about the DEADLY January 6th Insurrection. One person was killed as a result of unadvisable entry of the Capital – a protestor who foolishly climbed through a window and was shot by one of the defenders (we still don’t know who fired the shot, do we? Mind you, I’m not asking for them to be revealed publicly. I believe her husband has filed suit to find out, and he DOES have a right to that. But as far as publicly outing law enforcement for ANY activity, there has been entirely too much of that done before facts are known in the ongoing WAR AGAINST THE POLICE. How’s that war working out, folks? Cities are having crime waves as they sabotage their own law enforcement. Most affected areas are dealing with a mere 20% or so increase in murders, although Portland’s murder rate is up 800% over last year. Probably silly to mention that those aren’t just percentages – people ARE dying…) I just find it a curiosity that a name can stay hidden if it suits the narrative to do so. So much for unbiased reporting.

Tens of thousands attended the rally in D.C. – somewhere between 167 and 400 invaded the capital. I don’t think there have been any weapons charges. A strange insurrection, not quite up to the persistence of the year long attacks on the Federal Courthouse in Portland. It still shouldn’t have happened, but it would be nice if the narrative driven media could stop painting half the electorate with this broad brush.

Officer Sicknick lay in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, mostly to build on the false story that bounced around for weeks in the media that he had been physically assaulted by rioters and hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. When the report finally came out, it was revealed that Officer Sicknick had no signs of being attacked or physical trauma – he died of a stroke (possibly more than one) the day after the riots.

It’s unfortunate that Officer Sicknick died, but ask yourself: how many officers lay in state after dying of natural causes? Is it appropriate to use this man’s death to create a political spectacle? To further embellish a false narrative?

For the events of January 6th to be labeled DEADLY whenever mentioned, when only one person died by violence (from a still to be named defender) is narrative driven as well, much like the BLM / ANTIFA riots that occurred over the last year were somehow labeled as MOSTLY PEACEFUL PROTESTS, because it fit another narrative. Facts be damned.

The current occupant of the White House and his FBI director talk about right-wing extremist terrorism and white supremacy being the worst threats to our civilization, while the last year of rioting and destroying cities is swept out of the public discourse. Meanwhile, illegal aliens pour across the border in record numbers (among them not just gang members and repeatedly deported felons from South America, but many from other parts of the world with questionable loyalties and intentions.) The Socialist Democrat party sides with known terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah, and strengthens their Iranian sponsors.

It used to be that Plausible deniability meant you put enough distance between the actor and the commander to claim the commander had no knowledge. This is the sort of defense set up around 2020 election shenanigans – vote by mail set up (in many cases unconstitutionally) guaranteed fraud without actually ordering it.

But we have now gone beyond that type of subterfuge to a new MODUS (or should we say POTUS) OPERANDI. By changing (and abandoning) the rules that had secured the border and announcing we would stop deportations, Mr. Biden signaled people to come across without telling them to. Does this surprise anyone capable of critical thinking, or even common sense? The current Administration and their media act like they are surprised (if they even admit there is a problem at all) – apparently blatant stupidity is now a defense (Plausible Stupidity?) Is this defense strengthened by a deliberately installed, mentally disintegrating POTUS? (it would be mean-spirited to blame someone for their “challenges”, after all…)

BTW, there are people who believe that Joe was intended as a temporary fill-in just to have a plausible winner in 2020, and that he would then resign due to his health problems, or be forcibly retired, but I bet now he’s looking better to his handlers than the VP who was supposed to replace him. How embarrassing for them all – and the rest of us who have to deal with all this PLAUSIBLE STUPIDITY.

But we’ll all be okay – as long as we just sit back, relax, and drink the koolaid. Are you going to believe what we tell you, or believe your lying eyes? Nothing to see here – move along, move along.

Just saying…

P.S. – This was probably another ill-advised rant, but staying silent and waiting for lies to stop has not been a very successful strategy. I still see people blathering about Russian Collusion that never existed, as though that narrative is all that matters.

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