Meandering Monday about the Narrative and the National Deficit

This is not about money – not directly, anyway.

The United States has been running at a deficit for years – it seems that our government can always find reasons to spend more money than we have. Occasionally politicians will go on about the dangers of defcit spending, but not enough of them to actually do something about it. So maybe it isn’t immediately dangerous. Any sane person knows this can’t go on forever, but as long as we can keep growing the pie, we’ll get by.   

If there’s truly anything TOO BIG TO FAIL it’s The United States – where we go so goes the world (I think it’s been said that if the U.S. gets a cold, the world gets pneumonia, or some such.)

That’s not the deficit I’m talking about.

The nation is being crushed by a trust deficit (a trust deficit is what you lose – the extra operating costs) that occur because you can’t count on others to do their part in a collaborative effort.

Our nation is losing its ability to collaborate.

How can that be, you might ask. Collaboration is one of the latest, hot buzzwords in our corporations and society – we must be really working at it – aren’t we? Well, we are trying, but then these are trying times.

Collaboration is useful because, instead of relying on the knowledge and skills of an individual, you can leverage the knowledge and skills of a team – it gives you a wider range of knowledge, and more highly developed (specialized) skills to put into your efforts.

We are dealing with multiple crises. Prominent among these (at least for me) are Covid, National Security, The Border, and Election Integrity. As much as I’d like to talk about the last three, I’m pretty sure that at least half the country would disagree about them being crises (at least not for the same reason), so I’ll stick with Covid.

Really, there is a fourth crisis that is making all the crises worse – Partisan Media (which includes BIG TECH.) We used to be able to trust that what we saw on the nightly news WAS factual – not an agenda-driven, group-think enforcement of the approved, politically correct opinion. Most people get their news from the internet now, so Big Tech is ruling the town square.

It’s impossible to properly address a crisis when you aren’t allowed access to all the data or to openly discuss it, and between the MEDIA and BIG TECH, the town square has been censored to where we can’t consider all possibilities, including possible solutions.

PC thought police make it impossible for opposing views to be heard – or even thought of. People have had posts labeled as misleading, or false, had posts taken down, or been outright banned for not having the POLITICALLY CORRECT viewpoint.

It’s hard to build a consensus when your conversation/debate is being censored.

Claims that Covid-19 came from a lab in Wuhan were treated that way for a year, except now it’s largely accepted that this is what happened. The President of the United States mentioned that Hydroxychloroquine was showing promise, and – for what looks to me to be totally political reasons – certain state governors banned its use (getting between patients and their doctors – go figure.) Groups of doctors with field experience using Hydroxychloroquine with covid were also banned from the discussion.

There are mask studies that show that masks don’t really make a difference, and are actually harmful to many people, especially young children. But just try to talk about that online and see how far you can get (and how much abuse you’re willing to take from the ANTIFAs of the internet.)

Lockdowns have negligible results worldwide, but you still see them being pushed as the way that all good people should go, while Florida is vilified for defying the mob. Again, you aren’t allowed to see a serious discussion of the pros and cons – just accept the proper viewpoint.

Behave yourself.

The latest I’ve seen has been about Ivermectin. I have no personal opinion about the medicine itself, but it isn’t helpful to trying to find the truth when news reports deliberately label it as a veterinary medicine. Ivermectin is dual use, meaning for both animals and people. In people it helps with parasitic situations, but it’s also prescribed for Lupus and other conditions. It is safe for human use, but like any medication, it’s best to have a doctor prescribe it so you can get the dosage right.

I see a lot of reports that emergency rooms are filling with patients who overdosed on Ivermectin (Big Tech’s Google decided that those articles should be front and center when I googled Ivermectin for this post.) I wonder – if people could trust the news they’re seeing, would they try doing this on their own? If it could be honestly discussed in public (or even IN PRIVATE WITH YOUR DOCTOR), would overdosing even be an issue?

But for now, we don’t know who to TRUST anymore. All of us have to wander around trying to decipher the mounds of information (mis and otherwise) coming at us from all directions and hope we can get it right for ourselves – and at the same time keep it to ourselves, lest the ANTIFA types in the BIG TECH MOB catches on.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Or until enough people are fed up that they throw off the shackles of this new, SYSTEMIC (a mostly overused buzzword) form of censorship and slavery.

Just saying…

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