Writing Wednesday: A Pantser’s Swirling Cosmos of Interdependencies

Last Week’s Goals

All my posts went out on schedule.

Two more pieces returned from market and were turned around and submitted to other publications.

I wrote on seven days and made my daily quota on five of them. I made my weekly quota with 3,958 words. The draft of Swordsmaster #3 is over 28,000 words.

The Swordsmaster Pantsing Saga Continues…

So, let me sum-up.

Swordsmaster4I wrote Swordsmaster as a standalone novel (roughly 102k words), which was finished and published in 2019. I had no plans to turn it into a series, but I did leave an opening at the end of it that there might be more to come.

The follow-up story started churning away in my mind unprompted, and by the end of 2020 I had begun the first draft of Swordsmaster #2, which I completed and set aside in February of last year (again, about 102k words.) It ends with a definite TO BE CONTINUED feel.  

I returned to Swordsmaster #2 by the end of 2020, but I realized that before I could properly finish writing the second book, I needed to know what was going to happen in Swordsmaster #3 so I could lead into it properly. Being a PANTSER (a Discovery writer), I could not simply outline what I expected to happen – I needed to DISCOVER the direction of the story by  writing it.

I continued working on the first draft of Swordsmaster #3, in the hope that it would reveal enough of what is going to happen so that I’d know what would need to be in Swordsmaster #2. It felt like it would also be in the 102k range, and my initial thinking was that I needed to complete the first draft of #3 before I returned to #2.

I am no longer sure that is necessary, and it may even be a problem. I am almost at 30k words, and have a pretty solid understanding of where Swordsmaster #3 is going. I think that I might be able to avoid finishing #3 and wrap it up with a brief outline of what I think is coming. And I think it will be necessary.

You see, there are dependencies going both ways between the stories, and I’m at a point now where I know enough of what will happen in #3 to write #2, but I don’t know enough yet of what happens in #2 to continue #3.

I just hope that this back and forth won’t go into an infinite loop, like a snake eating its tail, or that vacuum cleaner sucking itself up. I do not want to find these books perpetually feeding off each other – it would be too much like writing a mobius strip, and a violation of Heinlein’s rule #2:


Which means I must not write this story forever.

Just saying…

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