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Meandering Monday about the Danger of Assuming Everyone is Just Like Yourself

We’re all human.

That is a comforting phrase that attempts to peel away our differences, in an attempt to reduce suspicion of those of us and develop some empathy – or at least some understanding.

We’re all human – but I’m not so sure about them… that’s more like the way NORMAL people think (although most of us would be afraid to admit it.)

We’re supposed to try extra hard to find common ground with those who are different from us. Assume positive intent. Try to understand. In a perfect world…

Unfortunately, that’s not where we live.

There can be a real danger in assuming that anyone else thinks just like you. I hear a lot of people trying to explain what Putin hopes to gain in Ukraine. They try to ascribe motives to him that are like what THEY would do if they were in his position, which assumes that they think like he does (if so, I don’t want to live next door to any of them – a scary concept.)

Others think he has some mental health issue, because NO SANE PERSON would do what he’s doing. This is unfair to people with mental health issues – an attempt to explain away the bad behavior of a man who has been EVIL all along. I guess it’s easier for many to treat him like he’s crazy, because in the current environment it is considered politically incorrect to be judgmental of anyone, even an EVIL HOMICIDAL SOCIOPATHIC DICTATOR.

It’s hard enough to deal appropriately with someone like this. We don’t need to cloud the issue by trying to assign a reasonable cause to unreasonable atrocities, as though if he just took a pill it would solve the problem.

Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade, and evil – evil. Just saying…

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