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Meandering Monday about Russian Static

They’re back!

In case you don’t remember (or only got the Dem-MSM spin), we’ve just had a couple of years of collusion investigation (on Trump, not on the real colluders) that wound up unable to find any evidence. In the course of that investigation, there were gratuitous assertions that Russia wanted to help Trump, but they also did things to help Clinton (funding and promoting competing protests), because their real objective is to cause static, chaos and turmoil, and sew distrust in our elections.

So now that the Ukraine allegations and the bogus impeachment-of-the-month has come to naught, we were gifted again last week with more claims that Russia wants to help Trump win in 2020 (from my perspective, Trump doesn’t need any help, and his three years of accomplishments should result in a landslide win, even if any of his potential opponents had anything to campaign on.)

But why would Putin WANT Trump, especially having experienced PRESIDENT TRUMP. Trump has done more about Russian transgressions than Barry (or any of the other clown candidates on the Left) ever have or would.

These cries of “The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!” are being spouted by the same MSM that got Russian Collusion backwards from the beginning, in support of the party of Barack “Tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after the election” Obama and Hillary “if Russia gives the Clinton Foundation $145,000,000 you can have our Uranium” Clinton (quid pro quo, anyone?) (I wonder if she used some of that cash to pay for the Steele Dossier?)

Any logical analysis of Russia’s best interests would indicate that Putin would much prefer to have Bernie “I honeymooned in the U.S.S.R.” Sanders (who it turns out the Russians DO want to help), or any of his leftist competitors, rather than Donald Trump and his MAGA agenda.

Consider how willing the MSM and the Left are to believe that Russia wants to put their thumb on the scales for Trump. Just whispering that misinformation (The T.V. static! Maybe that’s where they heard it…) gives Putin more bang for the ruble than anything else he could do to help the Democrats. They’ll buy it, and anything else that seems to suit their narrative – just like the Steele Dossier, or Michael Avenatti, or anything that Adam Schiff dreams up.

All in all, it is but a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury; signifying nothing. Just saying…


Swordsmaster4Instead of listening to that tale, wouldn’t you rather enjoy some fiction that doesn’t pretend to be something else? Swordsmaster – my first novel – is ready for your reading pleasure, so give it a read, won’t you?

Fate is neither something to run away from, nor something to run towards.

The first bright-eye to be seen on the mountain in living memory, Sandrik didn’t want anyone to think of him as they did the ominous Aurae of legend, so he had worked hard to keep his special abilities hidden. But there was more to Sandrik than even he knew. Now that it was time for him to enter the ancient ruins of Taernfeld and be declared a man, what other changes might he be forced into?

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